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How To Get Modafinil

Posted on 23rd May 2016 @ 11:48 AM

Ever since this new brain boosting pharmaceutical hit the market, thousands of people have been wondering how they can be able to get Modafinil prescribed to them by the doctor. A recent report showed that 90 percent of Modafinil prescriptions in the US alone are written for off-label purposes. But not all doctors will be willing to write off these off-label scripts and even though you want to get Modafinil legally, it becomes almost impossible.

So how would you get a legal prescription? Well, as noted unless your doctor feels it’s right you won’t get any prescriptions. Your doctor will only prescribe the medication as a remedy for an extreme sleep disorder. Other doctors are aware of the benefits of using the drug as a cognitive enhancing nootropic, even though the FDA does not approve this. So unless you have been diagnosed with sleep disorder or narcolepsy, then there are very small chances of getting the prescription legitimately. But as noted you can find a doctor who can who will be willing to prescribe it for off-label use; otherwise you will have to find other options on your own.

Using sketchy route

Modafinil can also be prescribed for ADD or ADHD or other conditions, but FDA policy does not yet approve this.

Many people after wondering how to get Modafinil legitimately have come up with a sketchy route which includes convincing a doctor that you are obese, have ADHD and do not want a stimulant. Be aware, your Doctor will likely read through you, and that can lead you to troubles, legal troubles, but it’s still an option. If you decide to use the method, be sure to not to tell the doctor what you need, let him decide, and if you are lucky he will prescribe it to you.

If he gives you another alternative, you can ask what he thinks about Modafinil. He will likely spill everything he knows about it and may prescribe it to you.

Buying from Online vendors

The best option is to buy it online from international pharmacy website, but still there are risks that you will have to expect. Technically, it’s legal to buy from any legitimate vendor, but possession of the pills is Illegal without prescription. In the US, Customs agents are always looking for vendors and will confiscate your package if it doesn’t have prescriptions which can lead to close watch on any item you order from international vendors, but purchasing online is the best option.

So there you have it, you now know how to get Modafinil .

Although some of these methods are uncertain, and may seem hazy, they may help you get the results you need.

Remember there is a reason Modafinil is controlled in the first place, so it would be better if you get it legitimately. This is not to say it’s not safe, no; Modafinil is very safe, but it can be abused or lead to dependence. If you are convinced that it will help you, instead of using the sketchy methods, just order it from online pharmacies especially if you want to take advantages of available discounts.