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How To Pay Your Order


Thank you for your order.

We no longer accept credit card payments due to credit card companies blocking customers rights to order medications overseas.

Your card/payment is not processed now!

We accept BITCOIN payments and WIRE TRANSFERS from now onwards.

                                  It's FAST, SAFE & CHEAP

Here you can find the instructions for how to pay your order via BITCOIN.

1- Please create a Bitcoin wallet account at https://www.coinbase.com and verify your account. Coinbase is a well known Bitcoin wallet and exchange and has more than 12 million active customers.

2- You can get more details from https://support.coinbase.com about account creation and other details.

3- After completing the account creation and verification process, your account is ready now. Please email us and claim your specific Bitcoin address. This is an address you will use for all of your order payments. It will be the same for every future order.

4- Please go to http://preev.com website to calculate the actual amount of bitcoins for your order total. This amount may fluctuate due to fluctuation at Bitcoin prices, so you need to calculate the amount during money transferring process.

5- Please purchase the total amount of Bitcoins and send to the address we emailed linked to your account at us. You can get more details from the links:l

· How do I buy bitcoin: Link

· How do I send bitcoins to another wallet: Link

6Bitcoin transfers are fast. They usually complete in 30mins to 4 hours.

7- We will confirm your order, prepare and ship to your address.

8- Thank you for your co-operation and welcome to next generation of the payment system.

Other than Bitcoin payment, you may transfer your payment to our bank account. In this case, you will pay, less the money transfer cost/fee or  through MoneyGram ( also pay, less the transfer cost/fee )

meaning you are allowed to deduct any cost occurring during the transfer and send us the remaining amount. This way, you will not pay more than the actual price of your med. 

Now, if you have chosen any of the three payment options noted below, as mentioned above :

1)    Bitcoin,

2)    Transfer to our account

3)    Payment through Money Gram.


Please advise us so that we can provide you with the transfer details for all.

Should you have any questions, please send us an email ; 



Customer Service