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Thank you so much for always meeting this request and I always spread word that your online pharmacy is the only completely trustworthy and well stocked online pharmacy for shoppers to use worldwide. Thank you as always.


I recieved my order today in the post, thanks for your good service, kind regards

Shane Power

Good morning Orderpharma.I would just like to say that I recieved my shipment in 24 hours and  I'm very grateful for the speedy delivery and the package was perfect.  I will be ordering the same amount in 6 weeks and I hope to recieve  the same excellent service.I will put my experence on the various websites and tell people how  good Orderpharma is.Thanks again


Thank you for your speedy service and delivery.  The order was received by me on 26DEC09.Thanks again for everything.

N. Prince

Hi,  I received my order today and everything is perfect. Very fast shipping (only 7 days), genuine product and excellent service.Thank you... Kind regards,


Thank you, I have received this shipment. Thank you for your service and for trusting me when I informed you I had not received my order, not once, but twice. I have it in my hands.


Hello!I received my package on the 26th of October.Thank you so much for the excellent customer support and speedy service.The package arrived in great condition, and you are definitely a businessI will continue trusting with my future orders.Thank you again!


Hi, I contacted you last week about my order of Accutane getting here. You told me you would express ship me a new order before my old one ran out. I just got the accutane today and I thank you VERY much for putting a rush on it. I will for sure be a returning customer!Thanks


I found this site after reading a blog about acne meds (accutane and generic accutane). The site I was ordering generic accutane sent switched the product to a bad batch of pills after ordering a few times, so I decided to try Orderpharma.com after reading a good review. Keep up the good work, as long as I'm satisfied with the service, I will continue to reccomend this site.


No ,your prices are very reasonable and because your service is so excellent I decided to order the Arimidex as well.


I searched forums/message boards for reliable places to purchase medications and Orderpharma.com was mentioned on several occasions.  I trust that the favorable reviews were accurate.I feel satisfied with this first order; I hope to refill and purchase at a later date.


Hello, I finally received my order this afternoon and this is just great. Well packed, good quality and real products from Roche. Thank you very much...Best regards,


Hello Orderpharma,Just want to thank you for your fast service. The product arrived in perfect conditionI look forward to doing more business with you in the futureMany thanks,


Good news.  On Saturday, 18JUL09 the package arrived.I have no idea why I was unable to track it via the USPS system, but at least it arrived in tact and with no problems.Thanks again for your assistance and I'm sure I will be re-ordering again in about 6-8 months.


I am pleased to inform you that my order was received (May 20, 2009).It was actually received at the end of last week by my condo complexoffice at which they failed to contact me.  Everything was is good shapejust as promised.  I look forward to doing business with you in thefuture.  Thank You.


Hi,Just like to inform you that I have received the package, many thanks, it is really fast! I'm informing you by email instead because I'm not sure if the postman will return the signed receipt, as my domestic maid received the package for me and she doesn't speak English to give the postman the instruction to do so. Anyway, thank you for the fast delivery, I will definitely be ordering from Order Pharma again!Best regards,

Ms Koh

Hi, thanks very much your delivery times are the best. if this medicine helps me i will be buying more againthanks


Hello, just letting you know that my package arrived today. Thanks for thefast shipment.


I received my order on May 20, 2009.  It was actually received at mycondo complex office on May 14th or 15th.  They forgot to call me.Everything was in good shape as promissed.Thank you and I look forward in doing future business with you.


Hi,Just writing to let you know that I recieved my order on Monday.  It looked greattoo!  Thank you for sending it so promptly as well!  I have used a lot of different online pharmacies, and by far your company was the best!  I will onlyever order from your site again!  I will also reccomened your site to my family &friends!  THANK YOU ORDER PHARMA!!Sincerely,


Hi - my package arrived last week. I will definitely be re ordering my meds in the coming weeks from you guys.You guys are reliable and terrific. Thank you!




I have received my order from you . I am very impressed and hope to do bussiness with you again. 


HelloThanks for checking back!  I just got it today on my credit card.  Thank you for the excellent service.  I'll continue to recommend your site to other people.Regards,


Thank you Orderpharma,I see the difference is waiting in my account pending approval. I want to thank you for your professionalism as this experience has been a pleasant one.If necessary, I will use you in the future as well as recommend your pharmacy.Regards,


Hello,Just a quick note to indicate that my order was received.It arrived in less than a week, which is quicker than a lot of my domestic mail!  Well done!


Your service has been awesome and I have recommended your site to others. I would like to thank you for your honesty and promptness in all of my orders with you.


I received my Roaccutane order via EMS within 3 days as usual.Thank you for your fantastic service as always and I wish you a happy andprosperous New Year. Please continue your excellent reliability and business model!Warmly,


Hello!! I have received my order.  I want to thank you very much. You are very professional and prompt & I will continue to utilize yourpharmacy services, thank you again.


Hi,That seems like a reasonable thoery. As I said the tablets appear to be like any other, I just wanted to know what your take on the matter was.Thank you for putting my mind at rest, your customer service is commendable.


I have recived my order today, all ok!Thanks for your kindly cooperation and Merry Xmas!!Regards


This is a confirmation that I have received the balance of my original order.Your prompt and professional service is appreciated.Sincerely,


hi there,this is Marcelo Sette order # 8252. I just want to let you know that I've got allmy 3 shipments on time and in perfect condition. Thanks so much, it was great doingbusiness with you.


Thanks for the confirmation email!I used Google (of course) to find your website but then I also used the informationat the Topix forum (http://www.topix.com/forum/drug/accutane) to do some backgroundresearch.  Overall people seem to be satisfied with your service and some peoplegave some recommendations so I'm here to give it a try.  I'm looking forward togoing through the accutane program and will be coordinating with my doctor tooversee the dosage level every month.Regards,


The refund has been received. I am disappointed the package got lost. I spent time selecting your company based on the positive feedback on topix.comthanks


Thank you for your quality and attention to shipping details.  I receivedthe one package today with 90.  I will notify you when others arrive.Best,


As usual my order came promptly and well packaged. I do no use any other web pharmacy than you. I have nothing but the highest praise in the way you do business. You can count on my future orders.A happy customer!!!


confirmation of receipt: Order 9975both shipments arrived in perfect condition.thanks so much


Great thanks so much for the quick response.. I value your prompt service.Regards,


Hello,My name is A.Piergallini and I ordered and urgent supplyof 90 20mg RoAccutane tabs because my supply was low.Your pharmacy shipped my order to LagunaBeach (Southern California, USA) using EMS in just 4 days! That is unheard of! Moreover, I was able to track the package progress each night, Sent on 8/14, arrived on 8/18.Fantastic job!Thanks so much. You have my business for as long as youremain in business.Sincerely,


million thanks dear..I'm ordering something else formy friends here in H.K. because I appreciate yourservices a lot..regards,


Hello, I got the second and final part of my shipment today.Thanks alot, I will most definitely continue shopping from you guys!


Hi,I would like to say thank you for your kind and quick service asI have just received my package.And thank you for your patience with me, I know I have been a bitof a pain.Once again thank youKindest regards


Hi,The order arrived today. Fast and perfectly.  Thanks a lot for that.sincerely


Hello,thank you for your fast and polite help. I have dealed with other online pharmacies before, but I must say that your customer service is the best, very fast and helpful.Thank you,


Hello! Thank you for your excellent service and reliable delivery times—I have developed confidence in your business!


Hi,I received the package today.  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!I will order some more items from you VERY soon!Have a great day!

Michael Ho

Just received the package yesterday.Thanks for the quick shipment and response 


Dear Sirs,I've just recieved the parcel. Thank you very much for your business,I hope to deal with you again in the future.Regadrs,


Thanks so much! Yes I did get my credit!!!I so appreciate the great service and look forward to sending morebusiness your way!!!It's great to know that Customer service is still alive and well outthere!!Have a great day and thanks again!!!

JP Chaplen

Dear Sirs,I received my parcel today. Thank you very much for your prompt response and superb service. Many Thanks and best regards,

David Navarro 

Hello!I got the parcel  today. Thank you very much for the prompt delivery.Regards,


all  received thanks perfect


I have ordered from you before and have been very pleased  with your service.Thanks,

Holly McKinley 

Thank you so much for your concern.I received the package yesterday, and was amazed with how you had packed it...Thank you


HiThe order has just arrived :-)Thanks again for a prompt and professional service - very impressed,will definitely be using your services again.Kindest Regards

Mrs T Davison 

Thank you so much for your concern.I received the package yesterday, and was amazed with how you had packed it...Thank you


Dear Customer Service:You all,  are so professional and prompt.  I will make sure to sing your praises to my friends.Thank you,pleasure doing business with you.

Isabel L. Villoch 

Hello, The medication  was received by my wife in Kuwait  about 8 hours ago (08:30 GMT time) and I can't thank you enough !The medication was  exactly the same one being looked for by the doctors.You have been of great  help to me and my family. The doctors are going to use the medication very soon  for my uncle.Your efforts in  helping people are very much appreciated, not only by me, but also by God.May God bless you  all. Kind regards, 

Ali Alhashemi 

Hello,I received all of my meds today.THANK YOU SO MUCH for the excellent service! I will reccomend you to my friends and colleagues and will be back for more orders!Sincerely,

Michael Ho    

Hi,I would just like to say I'm amazed at how prompt delivery the delivery of my order was made and was very impressed bythe secure packaging and labelling of the product.This is a credit to you all for offering such a streamlined,efficient and cost saving service and I won't hesitate to buy from yourselves in the future.......forever!Thank you all kindly once again.Regards,

Greg Wheatley 

Hello,I did receive the shipment today. Thank you again forgreat service. No response needed.


Hi thereMy credit card statement shows your repayment.Thank you very very much for your help!


I have received my shipment.  Thanks for the quick shipping once again!


Hello,I would like to say that I am very   impressed with your service.I was very sceptical at first but after receipt of   my order,I would like to say that I am delighted with your speed, cost  (especially in comparison to your competitors) and friendlycustomer service. I will be making repeat orders   and will be recommending you tomy friends, family and colleagues.Regards,


Hello, I am writting to confirm that I received my accutane package. Thank you very much for your service and business.

Dear Orderpharma,I just wanted to let you know that I recieved my medication today and   thank you for you promp service.Thanks again!! 


this morning I received my meds everything came in complete order I am really glad for the results of this buy thanks for everything I will  contact you


I have received my package. Thank you very much for your quick processing.Sincerely,

Douglas Erber

I am extremely happy with your site and will definitely orderform you again in the futureThank you!!


"I found your site by searching "accutane" on yahoo search.Thanks, I think it's great you help people get meds that would be otherwise difficult to get".

Lauren Meyer

I would like to inform Orderpharma that my order came in thismorning and would like to thank you for your wonderful customerservice and how pleased I am with doing business with Orderpharma.com.I am definitely going to return for future orders.  Thank you again.

Matthew A.

Dear Sir / Madam.Impressed with the service so far!I used Google to find your Company.Best regards,

Rob Wortley

Hello,I received my order today buti live in an apartment building and thedoorman signed for me, so he did not remove the pink slip and send it back to you.  I just wanted to let you know everything arrived with no problems.


Thank you for mailing out so promptly. hope to order from your website again.


Thank you for being so efficient. I receivedmy order yesterday and I onlyordered it on Tuesday - great!


I received my package and meds this morning.Thanks a million,

Michelle Hughes

Hi, i just wanted to say i  used your website for the first time this weekto order a supply of roacuttane and was completely impressed with yourservice/delivery, everything.Many thanks and i will definately be using you again!!All the best.

Mr B Smith

I received my 1st shipment today. Thanks! I appreciate the fast service.I will be ordering another 180 capsules today. Thanks again.


Thanks. I received this shipment yesterday. I am going to order moretoday because of your excellent service. Thanks again.